The Shop wants to be a place in a community that is a comfortable full service barbershop, allowing you to "Be you" and get exactly what you want at an affordable price. The difference between our stylists and those at those high end salons do not differ in talent or experience. Many of our stylists have worked in those types of places and love working at The Shop because they can also be themselves and still achieve the satisfaction of making people happy.

The concept has obvious appeal. The Shop, although still a small business, has 6 locations. We love our clients and they love the fact that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a great cut or color. We even make sure the products we carry are high-end quality yet still affordable. We want everything you pay for to have value beyond the price. We want you to have what we would want to have.

No Appointments

The Shop does not take appointments. You can just walk in whenever you feel like getting that cut or color and sign up on our list. We're a first come first served business. In order to help you plan better we also encourage you to call 30 minutes before you want to come in and we can put your name on our list over the phone! If the wait is longer or shorter we will let you know. We like to keep things as easy for you as possible.